Once Upon A Time
The World Ended

I'm going to tell you a story. A story about one of the most powerful, the most righteous, the most vile, the most benevolent forces in existence. A group of people, drawn from diverse backgrounds, to whom the safety and balance of the… 

To understand the harpers, you must first understand that there are a great many more universes out there than most people would like to admit. Oh sure the mages piss and fiddle away at the various planes of fire, ice, earth or porkchop sandwiches, but these extraplanar excursions are nothing compared with real MULTIVERSAL travel.

 Anyone with the benefit of a basic magical education could tell you that the plane we live on, or the prime material plane, is surrounded by any number of demiplanes and hemiplanes, rotating in place like a vast spindle, all contained within the vast expanses of the ethereal plane.

 What no one with any kind of serious education could tell you is that in addition to our planar spindle, there are other such conflagrations to be found throughout the ethereal plane, which as it turns out appears to be quite infinite.

 The Harpers are a multiversal police force. Aligned with True Neutrality, they seek to maintain balance through the several universes. They hale from The Harper Citadel, which is located in the living city of Madripoor. This is one of the stories from their archives. The History of Morituri Squad ∆π∑







The Fall of the Harpers

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