Set Peddlegren

A small boyish-looking halfling. Years ago Set was bitten by a terrible were-raven. He now possesses the cursed blood of a lycanthrope. He's taking it in stride.


Class: Fighter/Sorcerer/Duelist
Level: ??
Affiliation: Harpers, Morituri Force
Weapon: Walking Stick Rapier (1d6+?)

SPECIAL: Set has mastered the lycanthropic curse within his blood. He is no longer a danger of accidental infection.


Set is a very, very old hobbit. The curse of lycanthropy in his blood has made him near immortal. Among his own people he is considered a monster. His familial line have nearly all died out, and he calls almost no halfling his brother.

After all this time alive, he has gained a remarkably sober perspective for a hobbit. In his early days he was known far and wide as one of the best second story man to be found in all of Sharn. There was no window too narrow or too high for him to make a daring escape from.

With the help of his friend Malion, an odd warforged studying at the House Cannith artificer's college, he crafted a set of wings which let him glide safely from the ledges of Sharn, avoiding capture and drifting safely to his safehouse in the surrounding wilds.

In time, the people of Sharn came to refer to him as "The Black Raven" and his fame grew. It grew so quickly that it reached the ears of even The Harpers.

There are many great stories about Set. Bards staying in Madripoor on the trek through the cosmos sing songs of his exploits. The time he joined the Harpers, the time he defeated Bigby at the Annual Greyhawk Mage's Guild drinking contest, or the time he was betrayed by his best friend and lost the only woman he would ever love.

But this story is not about him, it's about you. He has led an impressive career, but his greatest accomplishment, recorded in the annals of history, will be in training the greatest squad of Morituri Troops in the history of the organization!

Set Peddlegren

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