The Harpers

The Harpers

     The Harpers are a multiversal agency dedicated to the principles of True Neutrality. Wherever something goes wrong in the Multiverse, you can expect the Harpers to be there.

     Some say that the Harpers have their roots in Faerun, that they are related to the organization of the same name from that plane. This makes a lot of sense, as the Harpers of Faerun handle a variety of problems in secret, acting as the puppetmasters behind various political intrigues among the Faerunian social elite.

     However, the real origins of the Harpers are shrouded in mystery. The oldest records available claim that a group of nine heroes of varying alignments and vocations came together to thwart an impossibly vast threat to the very universe. In so doing, they stumbled upon a second planar spindle floating in the void of the ethereal plane. This led them to greater explorations, which included the discovery of the Citadel.

The Nine

     The Nine are the ruling body of the harpers. Each member of the nine represents one of the nine alignments. Alignments are only vaguely understood by the most senior scholars at the Citadel. However, they appear to be sources of great power for their devotees. Together, these nine individuals administrate justice throughout existence.

Current members of the Nine

     At this time, the identity of many of the nine is a closely guarded secret. However, the following is known:






NG: Sir August Brandenberg Larkin, Sorceror Supreme







The Harpers

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